Hey, it is Crazy out there!

We live in a crazy world and it seems that we are struggling in more ways than we have solutions. Einstein was spot on when he said that we can not solve a problem with the same mind-set that created the problem. Think about it, if 80% of the world’s population isn’t particular concerned, and attend to their job with a business as usual attitude, and Corporation are doing okay why then change?

The short answer is VUCA is here and requires transformation. Not just in corporations but most defiantly in leadership. Me need multi-dimensional leaders who is able to skillfully and fluidly maneuver in turbulence, someone who brings more awareness of the big picture and is empowering you and your team regardless of gender, race, age or religion!

Transformation – 2C to 4C leadership!

Change happens suddenly and often with dramatic consequences. It is difficult to see far ahead, and there is an increasing complexity and rarely simple solutions. In short it is difficult to figure out ahead what things means and it kind of raises the question – what’s the point of having a strategy?

Strategy is still key to being successful in building business, but building one in a VUCA environment requires nuanced thinking and a shift in the leadership applied.

Please follow me!

VUCA Stands for Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous. Treating those four traits as a single idea will lead to poorer decision-making. You need to treat them as a unique single element that requires different interventions as they have different implication to the situation that you are in and it calls for transformational leadership.

Below is an outline of the single elements in the VUCA countered by required leadership traits, those cannot stand on their own, they require multi-dimensional leadership.


A multi-dimensional leader is a 4C leader with extras !

The starting point of 4C leadership is the future. 4C leaders are the drivers of vision and change, they are also enablers of innovation and growth. They create an inspiring vision of the future, make sense of change, build a sense of possibility. They make new connections, bringing together diverse talent, activities and partners. 4C leaders are found at every level of the organization, and every one of them leads a little differently.

Whilst past 2C leaders won recognition through hierarchy and power, the world has changed. Technology enable and require new ways of working, organization structures have inverted, and win through collaboration inside and out.

At the core of leadership is leading from within. As a leader you must be present and live a life of integrity, open-heartedness, and self-awareness in order to make conscious and creative choices. But not only that, you also need to be aware of 4 additional dimensions that work together holistically, depending on the situation, you may lead from the front, offering guidance and inspiration; from behind, supporting and encouraging others; from beside, partnering with and supporting members of your team; or from the field, drawing on insights and wisdom available beyond the rational mind.

The 5 dimensions to being a fluid, effective leader combined with the 4C’s are:

  1. LEADER IN FRONT – A typical leader, visible, out front kind of leader, the Steven Job’s of our worlds. When you and I lead, that is what we attempt to mimic. From experience I can confirm, that this can, at times, feel like running up-hill. When I was thrown into my first leadership position, I wondered, “Why aren’t they stepping up? Why do I have to do all the work”?I didn’t know there were other dimensions. I just copied the behavior of my bosses.
  2. LEADING BESIDE – This is where you team up with someone and decide to co-lead, share in the responsibility and rewards. The power here is that it allows both of you to take more risk. “Hey”, you say to the other, “try this, I will have your back”. And vice versa.
  3. LEADING from BEHIND –This is where you consciously help someone shine, and support them to look great and succeed up-front. Great managers are fantastic at this. They make their staff shine. The staff feels supported, believed in, seen and recognized. It brings out their excellence.
  4. LEADING from WITHIN – As you fluidly shift from one leadership dimension to the next, your gut, heart, instincts and intuition are always with you. Tune into them. Raise your awareness and tune into the wisdom of your sub-conscious. Let it inform your conscious mind. Your gut is often WAY more powerful than your mind.
  5. LEADING from FIELD – when your gut screams “something isn’t working” or “we’re missing something, but I don’t know what”, take a step back and shift into the FIELD or big picture dimension.


A genuine transformational leader will amplify potential through a collaborative and coaching approach, being a catalyst, coach, connector and communicator adapting to the situation and applying a holistic leadership from the inside out, while this is not always natural or easy to develop, it’s important for transformational leaders to grow in these areas to build success in their organizations and life.