The Little Black dress versus Digital Transformation

Its silhouette has changed over the years, perhaps more than any other piece of clothing, however it still remains the one dress that will take you practically anywhere and has the potential to stay with you for life. The success of the little black dress is that it is simple yet elegant and Coco Chanel made it ubiquitous.

What’s the Little Black Dress got to do with Quality – in my view, tons!

An ill fitted Black Dress (LBD) will not make you look good or stylish, it will not make you the center of attention. If the garment used to create the LBD is of poor quality it will not last, you will be wasting you money and your well-earned reputation may very well be tarnished. It doesn’t have to be that way.

If you spend time and invest in getting it fitted so that it suits you it will support you and it will bring out the best in you – you will get noticed and taken seriously. It should remain simple and elegant so that you can underline it with accessories making you stand out.

Now imagine above in the context of your Digital transformation (DT). Is it right for your business, does it fit you? Or are you trying to fit a square pick into a round hole – the symptoms of this will initially show up as missed deadlines in the small, growing bigger. Excuses will initially be plausible and believable but then turning into arguments and disagreements as well as significant budget overrun. Your DT is now spiralling downward – it is becoming difficult to regain credibility and your customers are starting to vote with their feet, going to the competitors.

Think about it, is your DT a result of the latest FAD in the industry or will it have the potential to become a household item/name – if so have you thought quality into every single process in a simple and elegant way.

A simple and elegant Executive Quality Strategy should focus on what is important in the DT to both business and it’s customers – keep it SMART. Once it is implemented and matured then you can start to accessories it with all sorts of fancy elements and tools.

A Simple and Elegant Executive Quality Strategy should protect your Brand and your revenue.