7 Red perpendicular lines, some with green ink and some transparent!

In the pursuit for new Business and clients, we sometimes say yes to initiatives that are difficult to accommodate. We fall in love with our ideas and fail to think it through from the start to finish, when we then realise that they are not as good or well placed as we thought, like the vain emperor in the famous fairytale by the Danish poet H. C. Andersen we keep quiet and carry on so that we do not look stupid.

Deep down we know that it will not work and there is no way that we can save the deed, and we are heading towards a bottomless pit, but we carry on anyway hoping that we will be able to save it.

Now, you may claim that the above scenario is nowhere near reality when it comes to your company’s way of dealing with business change and yes there are different levels of disaster, but let’s be honest no one needs to know it will be our little secret; you too have been there!

Every Company Executive can tell War stories about failed Business initiatives that did not yield the anticipated growth because it drowned in very expensive workarounds or massively costly corrective actions.

This does not have to be the norm it can be changed, the cure is simple; all you need to do is to is to induced Quality into the DNA of your organizations culture and it starts with the Board of Directors and Executive Management team!

Quality does not grow up through the organization it filters down and becomes an integral part of the way you work and think as an overarching component in the strategy of the Business Plan, and it has to be owned by the business.

Think about it, today almost every business transformation is depending on IT to support it. This mean that the expectations for IT underpin the business strategy is pivotal meaning that software runs Your Business. There is a Brand Promise for this software to deliver High Quality Business Outcome. What happens to Your Business if this Brand Promise isn’t met?

I am not talking about introducing the quality police; I am talking about simple and pragmatic quality thinking that will grow and protect your company’s Brand.

Perform risk assessments based on “ Day one end-2-end Operational Business Readiness ” how will your company be affected if the business transformation or change is not working as expected.

Ensure that all elements of the transformation are thought through; this also includes looking into business scenarios that may not seem obvious or realistic.

Start asking the market; allow transparency, work smarter and apply true Co-Creation. Your competitors will beat you at the finish line anyway.

Using old technology management style to create new age digital transformation does not always work, sometimes you have to risk your neck and apply new thinking. The kid who was bold enough to speak up and point to the fact that the emperor was without any clothing may actually have been the smartest kid block. This equals listening to someone who may not be your oblivious source of information, but they may actually be on to something.

Have a Quality savvy individual who understands your business and market working along side with you to grow your company’s Quality capability and view at Board and CxO Level could be the best investment that you will ever make. You can expect them to honestly and truthfully tell you that geometry is putting a stop to your request for 7 Red perpendicular lines, some with green ink and some transparent!