Wauw !

I am absolutely over the moon and totally thrilled that all these people from around the world took time to go read my Blog

Just to entice you, I am currently working on completing five additional posts as a continuation of the initial (07/07/2012) blog related to “The Birth of a Test Factory”.  In late July and beginning of August. Other topics that I have gathered material for and am eagerly expecting to dive into include:

Women in Testing

Last year, I was interviewing for a new job opportunity over the phone, the interviewing manager said that I would feel very comfortable in their company as they had many women in testing. He went on to say that testing seemed to be a good place for women to be in.

I still struggle with that part of the interview, as I didn’t speak up. I try to ease myself by thinking that he didn’t mean it the way it was said; I put it aside as cultural differences. One day when I meet him again I will speak up, as his remark was out of place and condescending. However, this has led me to wonder if there is some truth in what he is saying? Hence, I am currently compiling a survey on women in Testing.

In late July and through August I will be posting a Survey, I am looking for the results of the survey to either confirm or refute what this manager claimed. I am hoping that you are willing to help in that matter.

Other posts in the making will include discussions on a proposal for a paradigm shift in the way we estimate testing and perform End-to-End Business Critical process testing.

Continue to stop by!  I really appreciate your visit.  Let me know if you have something on your mind.

Better get back to the grinding stone.  The next post doesn’t write itself and there is so much to write about.